About us

It brings us great pleasure to have you all with us, in our endeavor to be the best in the field of electrical insulation.

This presentation will give you a brief idea about our product line and also other products which are available in the market, along with advantages and disadvantages of both.

As nothing is 100% perfect, please feel free to send in your suggestions about this presentation, information and also our products in order to refine ourselves.

We thank you and hope that you get some really useful information in the following slides.

We are an ISO 9001-2000 Company, manufacturing Insulators and Bushings upto 72kV. We established ourselves since 1994 after extensive R&D and tests.

Along with Domestic market our thrust has been exports. Right now we are exporting to USA, Europe & China since 4Yrs.

There has been rarely an incidence of any call back or delivery failure, as our Policy is to cater to our clients with complete dedication and focus.

Like our clients, we are committed to take care of our employees, which ensures uninterrupted production quantity & quality.


To be one of the leading provider of insulator & bushing products


To introduce an excellent insulating material for outdoor as well as indoor application, which can provide good value for money in comparison to conventionally available products.

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