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insulators and bushings for railways and metros

The support insulators used in railway technology must be able to withstand considerable mechanical strain, as well as a wide range of environmental conditions and temperature fluctuations.

Renowned international railway technology manufacturers have a close and long-term supplier relationship with Radiant. This is not only based on trust, but also on regular internal audits

Radiant produces insulation products for mainline locomotives as well as for metros. Our customers include the biggest names in pantograph manufacturing, as well as a considerable number of train operating companies.

Our references and acquired certificates are the proof of our innovative strength and performance and reliability.

We make variety of Products like Insulators for Pantographs, Post Insulators, Third Rail Insulators Roof Insulators and Bushings used in

  • E - Locomotives
  • Tramways
  • Metro systems
  • Electronic mobility
  • Traffic Infrastructure
Insulators For railways and metros

Outdoor Support Insulators For Side Rail

Low Tension Insulators For Metros

25 kV Busbar Support Roof Insulators

25 kV Support Insulators For Pantograph

Support Insulators For Metros

Bushing for railways and metros

25 kV HV roof bushing

High current Bushing


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