Product and Solutions

Outdoor and Distribution

Radiant offers its customers in the various industries secure, reliable and tested insulators for power distribution.

The comprehensive range includes insulators types with specific mechanical and electrical properties for the field of distribution and outdoor use.

Due to our RE-RESIN Radiant products work very well in place of Porcelain and Silicone due to inherent advantages. The comprehensive range of our products is used in :-

  • Fuse cutouts for Distribution Networks
  • Support Insulators for Surge Arrestors
  • Switch Gears
  • Transformers
  • Railways
  • Outdoor Circuit Breaker

Key Features

  • UV resistant.
  • Design Flexibility is achieved due to Metal Part mouldability & high strength.
  • High bending & tensile strength
  • Very Good Impact, Shock and Vibration Strength.
  • Very Good Freeze – Thaw properties.
  • Minimal moisture absorption.
  • Cannot be eaten by Birds or Insects.

Bus Support Insulator 11 kV

72 kV Insulator

High Voltage LV Bushings For Transformer

Outdoor Fuse Cutout Insulators

outdoor support insulators for surge arrestors

support insulators for reactors

support insulators for surge arrestors

post insulators

cut out

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