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support insulators and bushing for switchgear

support Insulators are manufactured by using Automatic Pressure Gelation (APG) molding technique with single/multi cavity tools made from tool steel material to ensure high dimensional accuracy, excellent finish, and fast production.

Radiants support insulator made with RE-RESIN make you unbeatable in power distribution and with our innovative production techniques we can offer superior quality products at competitive prices.

Key Features

  • PG Casted products with vibration ensures bubble-free and internal void-free finishing.
  • Light in weight and compact in design.
  • High bending & tensile strength.
  • High Impact resistance.
  • Excellent Dielectric strength.
  • Long Creep-age Distance with good arc strength.

Post Insulators For Switch Gears 6 kV – 38 kV

Post / Support Insulators for Tap Changers

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