Our Expertise

We increased our product range due to demand from our existing Surge Arrester customers, and developed Disconnecters for Distribution class Surge Arresters. We established a unit in Mumbai by the name of Radiant Insulators. Till date the sales have reached 2.5 Lac units per Year. Our other purpose was, to develop Polymeric Insulating products and have successfully developed Surge Arrester housings for distribution class arresters. Extensive testing and field trials have already been done and the product is ready for commercial production in near future.

Production Capacity

  • 30 Nos Pressure Gelation machines capable of processing 5 Ton material per Day.
  • Strong working staff of 75 workers, 4 supervisors, 4 QC Inspectors
  • 6 Nos High Power Vacuum mixing machines.
  • 4 Nos Hot Air Ovens for accommodating any quantities of insulators.
  • Material Handling equipment for efficient production cycle.
  • Steam Chamber & Water Curing tank for Cementing of Porcelain Insulators.

Other Capabilities

  • Cementing Job – Joining Porcelain Insulators with Metal Flanges.
  • Broken Insulator Repairing Job –We can repair broken Porcelain Insulators, which are way too old to be replaced on site.
  • Develop custom made designs to suit specific applications, like high temperature, high pollution, saline environment and high voltage
  • Years of R&D has given us an edge to develop and process latest polymer compositions which push the product's performance limits to the max.
  • We work closely with our customers and every year try to provide them better prices or better designs in their applications.
  • Developed products like Man Hole Covers for Civil applications